Why Consumer Affairs Cell?

The CFBP seeks to regulate trade practices between consumers and businessmen. It urges business houses and associations to align themselves with and follow its Code for Fair Trade that upholds the integrity and honor of such transactions.

The CFBP has observed that today more businesses and consumers are against unfair business practices and stand up for fair business practices. Recognizing this as a common goal, it strives to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence that can be instilled in the minds of both consumers and traders.

As a convenient solution to establish a better rapport with consumers and facilitate redressal of their grievances, the CFBP suggests that every business house should start and run an internal Consumer Affairs Cell (CAC). Such a cell should be headed by a very senior executive who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the respective organization.

The CFBP believes that, if organizations set up Consumer Affairs Cells, fewer consumers will turn to the Government seeking redressal of their grievances. It wants to reduce the number of consumers demanding more legislative consumer-protection acts and avoid unnecessary Government intervention.

  • Understand your rights and obligations as a consumer, get accurate information so you can make more informed decisions, and find out what you can do if you have a problem or complaint.
  • Harness your fullest potential as a business venture by practicing fair trade. Generate trust and goodwill with customers, and therefore society, to achieve long-term success.