Enrollment Of Members

CFBP membership is open to all manufacturers, traders, professionals and associations who are committed to following fair business practices and supporting the fair business practices movement. Members pledge to follow and encourage others to follow fair trade practices.

It is a matter of prestige to be a member of CFBP. Not only does it enhances the image of members but ensures a positive impact on business. The CFBP emblem which is provided to members for display at their premises enables them to showcase their commitment to fair practices and reassures their customers.

The CFBP is a non- profit organization and primarily relies on the support of its members. Should you wish to support the CFBP and its activities as well as enhance the prestige and image of your organization, we invite you to become a member. All you have to do is download and submit the Application Form on-line or download, print and submit it to the CFBP.

All applications for membership are carefully scrutinized by the Membership Committee to ensure the credibility of CFBP members.

We also invite you to encourage your partners and associates to support the CFBP and the fair business practices movement by enrolling as CFBP Members.

  • Understand your rights and obligations as a consumer, get accurate information so you can make more informed decisions, and find out what you can do if you have a problem or complaint.
  • Harness your fullest potential as a business venture by practicing fair trade. Generate trust and goodwill with customers, and therefore society, to achieve long-term success.