Action Plan for the Seller

3.1 - Develop a clearly defined Business Policy about Fair Business Practices sought to be adopted.

3.2 - Design and develop a machinery for the effective implementation of the Business Policy mentioned above.

3.3 - Establish a Consumer Grievance Cell guided by a senior management person.

3.4 - Give of the above three actions high visibility to society so as to get extra mileage in terms of goodwill and brand value for products.

3.5 - Become a Member of the Council of Fair Business Practices and display the Membership Certificate in a conspicuous place on the business premises as a very clear signal to society about the seriousness of the Mission to follow Fair Business Practices.

  • Understand your rights and obligations as a consumer, get accurate information so you can make more informed decisions, and find out what you can do if you have a problem or complaint.
  • Harness your fullest potential as a business venture by practicing fair trade. Generate trust and goodwill with customers, and therefore society, to achieve long-term success.